garrick lee (
Mon, 06 Sep 1999 22:33:53 PHT

> >tangential answers. I think that veilchen is asking why there aren't
>enough of h artwork on gundam, not whether or not it's moral, ethical,
>yucky or what. that's a different question.
> Well said! Thanks! Now, is anyone possibly gonna try drawing an "H"
>Nobel x any Gundam? I just gotta see
> the Nobel Gundam "in action" ^^;
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

ooookay...vielchen was asking that.

may i now ask why vielchen wants to see "h" pics of _ROBOTS_?

*keels over*



(to answer the original request -- yes, you could call me a fan-artist, or
amateur artist, whatever. but i'm not into the mecha anime genre. mostly
fantasy ad&d and the like. so i couldn't respond to your challenge of "h"
pics even if i wanted to. sorry vielchen :)

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