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I have just been to the Gundam Fair in Singapore, and WOW! I have never
seen so many models on display b4. Well it is my 1st time in such a
fair. Well, i saw many of the contestants's work of art. Very nice.
Anyway the point is the price is cheap for most models by bandai. Good
examples would be the S$15 LMHG EVA model kits, S$5 LM EVA model kits
and S$10 Gasaraki 1/35 model kits.

Hence, I have bought quite a few EVA LMHG models, actually i bought 8 so
far. I need some help in a particular model i am trying to fix up now.
it is the eva 05 series 008. I can't seem to find any instructions about
some of the accesoriess in the model kit. eg. the gun and some other
stuff. Could someone help a new eva model fan? Is there a eva or general
models help site i could turn to to look for advice or someone knows
what i am talking about? I also would like to paint the humand figures
given in the kit. How do i go about doing it? what kind of paint do i
use? Thanks.

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