James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Mon, 6 Sep 1999 00:28:07 -0700

Madox was great. Very well thought out. Wasn't Hobby Japan the ones that
did it? Too bad there was only one video.


>The Mobile Suit would be a tremendous waste of resources. The Armored
>Trooper of Votoms is a much more practical design and even that is probably
>unworkable. The best implementation of a powered armor exoskeleton that
>I've seen to date is the MADOX-01 from the OAV of the same name. I also
>like the MONO pod in Cowboy Bebop.
>One of the reasons I like the MADOX-01 is that they simply designed a
>humanoid frame and mounted half the inventory of Jane's All The World's
>Weaponry on it. But if you want a good, solid, flexible weapons loadout,
>you probably can't beat the descriptions in Robert A. Heinlein's original
>Starship Troopers novel.
>As to letting the average Joe pilot one, I'd like to ground all those
>weekend warriors who've managed to get their hands on rebuilt WW1 and WW2
>fighters. No one should have access to these things except the people who
>are tasked to use them to serve and defend the country. These aren't toys
>or RVs and they should not be treated as such.
>As to letting a 15-year-old pilot one, well, don't get me started! (^_-);;

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