Mon, 6 Sep 1999 02:32:39 EDT

I dug out some my old tapes (havent looked at 'em for over 6 yrs) and found a
bootleg copy I bought (in my naive years,,heh heh) of Shirow's Black Magic
M-66. What's this got to do with Gundam? Nothing, except I accidentally let
the tape run and lo and behold there was a ton of Gundam models commercials
that I assume were aired on Japanese televison at the end. Unbelievable! They
ranged from the original series to ZZ. I forgot how COOL Japanese commercials
are compared to US commercials. They had all these Gundams, Zakus, Doms etc
flying around and fighting. I can only assume they were tacked on to the end
of a Gundam laserdisk release. Oh well, I just thought I'd share this find
with y'all. BTW- Is the Chogokin of Char's Zaku out yet? If not, anyone hear
of a release date for it? Thanks.

Chris H

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