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> Having said that, MSes are much more useful when it comes to
> payload, but I think the future of warfare will involve little gorillas
> hopping around on the battlefield..

Of course in the future, the gorillas could also be wearing an exoskeleton
armor suit that increases their strength and probably running speed, jumping
would probably be enhanced too, either by spring-loaded legs of the
exoskeleton or jump jets. I like the idea of having real MS, but for us, I
wouldn't doubt that there will eventually be an exoskeleton armor suit, as
its practical and the size wouldn't be much bigger then a human. Then, most
likely the suits would evolve into something like in Garaski or Votoms. Then,
maybe turn into something big like an MS. With that said, an exoskeleton
armor suit is a very practical idea for our current type of warfare. Here's
one way our future military equipment may be like:

The exoskeleton armor suit for foot troops
With the rest probably like it is today, but with the usual upgrade to jets,
tanks, ships, helicopters, etc.


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