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>Amateur anwer of the day, Either a US Nuclear Sub, or NASA space
>probe, however the space probe use decaying nuclear piles not really
>REACTors. The US Navy toyed with sodium cooled Reators for their
>subs, and those could reah higher temperatures than water cooled ones
>so some variant on this could be used for MS, but it'd still be huge.

        Yeah, I thought of that, but IIRC, the "boomer" plants are capable
of power production way over the requirements of the sub.. Assuming we are
interested only in building a reactor capable of propelling a small vehicle
of under 100 tons, is it feasible?

        Most MS are under 100 tons, and they don't really produce that much
power from their reactor -- I doubt their reactors produce as much power as
the nuclear sub's. So.. is it possible to squeeze a conventional (i.e.
current fission or experimental fusion) reactor into a MS frame?

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