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Mon, 6 Sep 1999 00:57:46 -0400

> Actually, I just saw in the papers the day before that a Japanese
> professor has build an Exoskeleton that can amplify the strength of a
> by a factor of 8. =)
> IMO, building MSes/Labours isn't a problem with current
> technologies. I think the main problem with that is the power source.
> Remember, even Gundam use super-science to justify the compact reactors
> in MSes, and Patlabour uses batteries (for crying out loud..=) that
> last very long..
> That leads me to today's technical question: Given today's
> technology, what's the smallest nuclear reactor you can build that's
> of propelling a vehicle carrying it?

Amateur anwer of the day, Either a US Nuclear Sub, or NASA space
probe, however the space probe use decaying nuclear piles not really
REACTors. The US Navy toyed with sodium cooled Reators for their
subs, and those could reah higher temperatures than water cooled ones
so some variant on this could be used for MS, but it'd still be huge.


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