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Dafydd writes,

>Although I haven't had any firsthand exposure to this scenario, what I've
>been able to gather from the various descriptions suggests a development
>akin to the end of the third Gundam novelization, Confrontation.

Eddie writes,

>Sorry, you're way off on this one. See my previous post.

>In the game Giren's Greed, you can decide how much to spend on espionage
>and intelligence gathering. If you spend enough, eventually you will have
>a chance to steal blueprints or even completed prototypes of Fed's suits,
>thus denying them their weapons after they expended all that R&D for you. :)

  Actually, Dafydd's closer to the mark on this one. Char's Gundam is
from one of the game's "what if" scenarios, specifically one that's
modeled on the Gundam novels. In this branch, Char starts his own "Neo
Zeon" faction, Amuro dies, and the White Base crew join forces with Char.
Char first gets a custom Rick Dom, then inherits the Gundam, and newtype
Kusko Al materializes to join his team.

  Good guess, Dafydd; better luck next time, Eddie.

-- Mark

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