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Sun, 05 Sep 1999 19:09:17 -0700

Realistically, I don't think that they'll develop any type of mobile
suits any time soon. However, if someone decides to do so, they will
most likely start small and work their way up to something over 10
meters tall. For instance, a power loader as seen in Aliens would
probably be developed first. Or something like the hardsuits in
Bubblegrum Crisis is a more realistic start as well. After a few years
of developing such compact robotics, they'll get bigger until you have
something in the size of a Patlabor 'Labor. But as for a full size 13
or so meter tall SUIT, that would probably come years after.

As for arming them, they'll most likely start with a high caliber high
rate automatic weapon. And as these 'bots get bigger, they'll probably
add missiles and so forth. I don't think any type of beam weapon
whether it be a rifle or a sword/melee weapon will be invented for a
long time.

Regarding your inquiry about anyone being able to get a SUIT, HELL
NO!!!!! Unfortunately, there are a lot of psychos/sickos out there whom
I don't want to see destroying entire city blocks if they were to get
their hands on a SUIT. If a 'Labor-sized 'bot or even a power suit were
to come out, it should be regulated for government and perhaps,
industrial-use only. I don't think a private citizen should be able to
get a large 'bot unless its use and where it can be operated is strictly
regulated and monitored.


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