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> i have a survey for everyone. well not really a series of questions just a
> couple. do you think that mobile suits should be developed for military use
> and if so what weapons do you think they should equipped with .

Although MSs are way out of our military tradition, their concept as a
multi-purpose, high-mobility, highly lethal, heavily armored and armed giant
robots is not something to be looked down. Of course it would be much easier to
think about Gasaraki-style MSs, but if you remember what happened with the tanks
in WW1: Some told they were a waste of time and material, some did not believed
they would not do any good at all, preferring the walking grunts and charging
horses, and we all saw what the tank became, so, nowadays can you imagine what a
well piloted MS (say, a Zaku I, for example) would do to a modern MBT squadron ?
It would probably wipe them all out for good in a few moments. Remember: the
current MBT designs are becoming to be regarded as outdated for future warfare.
Surely it would be correct for the military to try new and innovative weapons
designs, and despite the low budgets and philosophical, political and
technological pressures, I believe, that someday in the future, the military may
be using MSs, perhaps not Gundams but something like what we saw in Votoms,
Patlabor or Gasaraki.

As for the weapons: high-velocity kinetic projectile weapons for precision
shooting, high rate-of-fire advanced machine cannons as backup weapon (our old
and faithful vulcan), energy weapons for medium to long range combat (lasers, or
something else...), missiles, rockets or even cannons for medium to short range
combat, mines or shrapnel charges against close-in assaults.

> and last but
> not least do you think that the average joe should be allowed to pilot a
> mobile suit ?

Never ! No modern combat aircraft, tank or chopper is piloted by untrained guys,
just see how much the U.S. military spend in training every year !

Andre R P Mattos

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