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> would gundams as weapons cause more
> or less destruction as far as war goes ? and as a person do you think that
> you would be safe if ms policed the area you lived in ?

    I don't know, but a Gundam sized MS would probably cause more damage. A
Votoms sized MS may or may not. There is always usually lots of damage done,
when there are buildings and cities in the middle of combat, even by just
foot troops, because foot troops can use missiles, bazookas, grenades, etc.

    Using MS as police? I don't know an idiot pilot, during patrol, could
step into your living room and squash you flat! :) I don't see a reason, now,
for police MS. The criminals are people, not MS. Some criminals could steal
an MS and create havoc, resulting in the need for police MS.

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