Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 15:07:17 -0700

For those of you in So. Cal. that are willing to make a trip to Torrance
Yaohan Center, there is another in the long list of Anime/Manga/Memrobilia
Shop called Mandarake (sic) that has some Gundam items, including:

1/100 ShengLong for $8.00 (A Steal)
1/100 MG Zaku II High Mobility Shin Matsunaga Type
1/100 B-Club GP-01FB
Some original issues of Gundam Kits, including a Murasai (?) and others
A Master Grade LD Movie Box (!)
Many Gundam Wing items, including lotsa pencil boards, CDs (including 0083
and G for starters) and GW Mangas (didn't check for others such as
Crossbone, but I'm sure they'll have it in there somewhere)
A Complete set of SD Keychain, and some more outside
A Sega Saturn Zeta Gundam Game poster
0083 Complete set for VHS

Many back issues of NewType magazine,
Many back issues of Animage magazine
Many back issues of HobbyJapan (from 95 to 99)

And much more. If you're looking to plunk down your hard earned money on
something other than model kits (though they have some at bargain prices!)
then head on down.

Y. "I want money!" Choe

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