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> do you think that mobile suits should be developed for military use

Yes, I sure do. I can exlain this if you or anyone else wants to know why.

> and if so what weapons do you think they should equipped with

Well, sense I think you mean in the real world, I'm no weapons expert, but I
think it needs a machine with armor piercing rounds to take out other MS and
tanks, antiaircraft missiles to take care of planes, if its a ground MS. Some
type of melee weapon, if the real world MS are capable of this, since after
all, an MS is humanoid in shape. I like the idea of Heavy Gear or Votoms
mecha for the real world, though, as they take up less room to store and
maintain, and are more realistic for current real life war's or military

> and last but
> not least do you think that the average joe should be allowed to pilot a
> mobile suit ?

Meaning civilian or military use or both? I say both. An MS from Gundam
would be perfect for rescue. Example's are:

Civilian Use's:


An MS could stand in a river and pick up the person that's stranded in the

A water designed MS could rescue people out sea, if it had sensor's designed
for this type of rescue.

Flying MS can also rescue people. Special people holding containers could be
made to put the person in for safe return for medical attention, of course
the container would be safe and padded, to keep the passenger safe. If, like
Gundam, the MS can gently use its hands to pick up the person, put the person
in the container, strap the person in, etc.

Military Use's:

We've seen this in Gundam, of course :)


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