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>i have a survey for everyone. well not really a series of questions just a
>couple. do you think that mobile suits should be developed for military use
>and if so what weapons do you think they should equipped with . and last but
>not least do you think that the average joe should be allowed to pilot a
>mobile suit ?

realistically, the concept of a mobile suit is kinda way out there...I
would think that a smaller MS, along the lines of Gasaraki stuff, would be

weapons? I would fast-track "small" railguns and use microrockets.
grenade launchers are a must, perhaps electromagnetic/stealth equipment.
it should be at least bio/chem proof. if it is as large as a gundam, then
i would still use railguns, but tesla type wepons would be cool too, and
definitely energy weapons.

the average joe? I think that would depend on whether or not the MS will
be mass-produced or be simple enough to be mass produced.

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