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>> >Could it be hard to find because...
>> >
>> >... few people are interested in this kind of stuff?
>> That's what puzzles me... I mean, I see "H" Ranma,
>> Sailormoon, AMG, etc. almost anywhere, but I don't see much of "H"
Gundam around ~_~
>> Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
>for me, I'm not looking for H Gundam characters because the
plot/mecha/characters (choose
>any or all of the three) is enough to keep me from finding H variations of

tangential answers. I think that veilchen is asking why there aren't
enough of h artwork on gundam, not whether or not it's moral, ethical,
yucky or what. that's a different question.

point one: it can't be because of having no audience. GW/EW was the BIG
crossover to all that shojo/yaoi/shonen stuff, while I have seen all sorts
of h stories involving the UC timeline people. Japanese merchandisers
would rather die than not include these markets in their target audience
(remember all those posters with the risque clothes or situations?).

point two: however, it could be because most hentai stuff tends to stay
within japan...possibly because, to be honest, there isn't a perceived
market overseas, but enough in Japan itself (look how long it took for
bandai to figure that out). once that happens, however, expect a lot of h
stuff to end up all over the place. case in point: there is now a tape of
animation showing all the evangelion characters having fun with each other.
 figures they would do that sooner or later...or what about the Giant Robo
version, where we see all the guys dress up in that girl character's
cheongsam thingie? It's all a matter of what makes it outside of Japan,
since within Japan, there are sure to be a lot of h resources.

point three: it could also be that bandai is more than a little protective
of certain licenses. duh, as if, look at all the shonen/yaoi manga for

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