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>>Worker: Whoops, I guess I hooked up the control cables backwards. Sorry
>>about that.
>>Test pilot in full body cast: Why you...!!!!
>Sort of remind me of Chuck Yeager's autobiography. Chuck was called up
>to test the envelope of a plane that have already claimed the life of 2
>other test pilots. During the test run, Chuck nearly bought the farm as
>well, but managed to pull in safely. Afterward, when he describe the
>problem to the engineers, they figured out that there was a particuliar
>bolt that had to be mounted in a very non-standard way. The guy at the
>assembly line decided that the blue print was wrong, and did it his way,
>and kill off 2 highly skilled Air Force test pilots.
>[ Rodrick Su [ ]

I'm not sure this is true, but I think there was a similar case involving
the design of the F/A-18 fighter planes, something about the tailfins...I'm
not sure if this is true, just sorta remembering it hazily. But as for the
thing about line assembly people thinking they are smarter....yeah, in my
father and I's business, we had an employee who thought he knew more than
us, and tried to change his work shedule to something he thought was
better, rather than follow what has been tried and tested for 20 years.
WITHOUT CONSULTING US. Sales dropped, and when we found out, he got kicked
out, no matter if he was our majordoma's husband. People love to think
they know more than others, specially if they see those people to be
non-hands-on types, conveniently foegetting that the reason why we both
just spend a lot of time thinking is that we built up the company, and that
we used to work what he was doing. hell, I knew his job inside-out better
than him, since I used to do it...his presumptuousness cost us the
equivalent of $1,000 a month for three months, before we traced it to him
with proof. and to think, all we do are aquarium fish.

I wonder...does the same thing happen to MS assembly lines?

(assembly line)

worker1: idiot engineers...this thing should be placed the other way
around (mounts screw with shiny stud outward, on a GM)

(battle field)

DOM: hey, look at that nice shiny dot on the GM! <fires bazooka>

GM: uh-oh. <boom>

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