Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 5 Sep 1999 05:50:09 -0400

IMHO, Rena's gotta be the cutest/prettiest girl to ever
star in a tokusatsu show. I was even kinda hoping that
they'll be back in Ultraman Dyna, but I guess not (I
think Tiga will be coming back to help Dyna, though...)
Anyway, I guess Mai's the "cutegirl" of the Super GUTS
group, and I must say, she kinda cute too. I like the way she smiles in the opening sequence, SOOO CUTE! Well, if
anyone here also likes her, you can look for "Mariya
Yamada" in the various search engines. I think she's
a model, and I already saw a couple of pics of her :)

Speaking of Dyna, the guest last week, you know, the guy
Mai was flirting over? I think he's the one playing the
role of Oh-red/leader guy in Ouranger sentai series. I guess he must be really popular too.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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