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>have anyone seen this yet? if it has already been discussed here i

I think Kota posted a synopsis shortly after its release.

>just got my hands on this short video. what exactly is the
>purpose of this, giving the short series such a lame ending.

At the final episode you see the Ez8 crash into the volcano's opening
with the Asparas III. They did not tell you what happened to Shiro and
Aina and I suppose they felt obliged to (not to mention another chance to
rip you off is hard to resist).

>there was
>almost no fighting at all besides the first few minutes. the slow ride on
>the river reminded me of the movie apocalypse now. another thing i didn't
>get was the children having those shots seemingly erasing their memories.
>so finally, the last scene, they found shiro and his woman pregnant. so
>what now? we're going to have another series based on their child who
>turns out to be another ace? why do those lost children resemble the
>zoombie like rei from eva?

These kids are test subjects from the Flanagen Agency, Zion's New Type
R&D think tank. I suppose it's an understatement to say that they were
very $#%*ed up. If you get a chance, check out the manga "Monsters" which
was, IIRC, done by the same artist who drew Master Keaton. It follows the
bloody trails of a handsome young man who was an orphan that survived the
Nazi's secret experimental orphanage after WWII. The kids you saw in the
video did not even compare to this German kid.

>after watching the whole series, i think the show's direction is very mixed

Not a surprise, since the original director died halfway into the series.

>the plot is choppy and unexciting.

That I have to agree... it's not as consistent as 0080 or 0083.

>it's there to tell you about some
>place else during the one year war but i rather watch what amuro was doing
>cos it was 100 times more interesting.

LOL. When will Bandai get off their lazy ass and re-animate 0079 with
quality artwork?


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