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Kaworu Nagisa wrote:

> Hi everyone! I would like to call the attention of my
> fellow Rena fans in this ML, if there are any. Who is
> Rena? Why, she's none other than that really cute GUTS
> officer in Ultraman Tiga.
> Early this afternoon, I saw this magazine show in the
> NHK channel with a girl named "Maiko Itou", as the
> narrator/reporter. I was very surprised, for she holds
> quite a striking resemblance to Rena. Ultraman Tiga was
> shown on our local TV, but the names of the staff and
> cast were never shown in the opening or ending, so I
> could only guess. However, if anyone knows any better,
> please let us know. I also found Maiko Itou's website.
> Please take some time to check it out, and tell me if
> it's Rena or not (nothing about Ultraman Tiga was ever mentioned in her profile...), thanks. Here's the URL:
> http://www.mai.co.jp/english/
> http://www.mai.co.jp/
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A very big thanks to you!!!

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