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> have anyone seen this yet? if it has already been
> discussed here i apologize. just got my hands on
> short video. what exactly is the purpose of this,
> giving the short series such a lame ending...

"Last Resort" is a special epilogue of "The 08th MS
Team", for those who are interested in the fate and
whereabout of Shiroh and Aina, who destroyed the giant
Zeon mobile armour and disappeared w/o a trace. As
friends as well as former comrade-in-arms, Michel (08
Team's youngest member) and Kiki (a partisan who
befriended Shiroh and the 08 Team) set out a long
journey in search of Shiroh. Since most of the action
were well presented in the past 11 episodes, "Last
Resort" approach the 08 story differently, so like it
or not it's up to the viewers.

> finally, the last scene, they found shiro and
> his woman pregnant. so what now? we're going to
> another series based on their child who turns out to

> be another ace? why do those lost children resemble
> the zoombie like rei from eva?

in case you've missed, I wrote a quick synopsis on
"Last Resort" to this ML a month ago:

hopefully it should clear up the question on the
mystery of "The Flanagan's children" and the couple's
fate for you. :)

> after watching the whole series, i think the show's
> direction is very mixed up...

If you notice, "Last Resort" was produced by ppl
different from the rather 08's production team.
Watching 08 as a whole, plus its movie "Miller's
Report", I think "08" is an appealing series, much
more adult-oriented than "0079" or other
Tomino-directed Gundam series. It's mainly geared
towards fans who grew up with the One Year War saga.
IMHO you should give it a go to all the related OYW
series (0079 TV, 0080, 0083, and 08MST) before you can
come to a balanced conclusion. I may be biased, but I
like "08" just as much as "0079" TV series.

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