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>I'd like to ask for the opinion of those who are familiar
>with the characters from G Gundam & Gundam W. Who would
>make a better pair for Allenby Beasly? Wufei Chang,
>George D'Sande, or both of them?

Wufei Chang is the analog for Sai Sici (kung fu martial artist) and George
De Sand is the analog for Quatre Laberba Winner (effete aristocrat).

Allenby Beasley is not on of the Five, so her analog would have to be one
of the supporting (dare I say "potential love interest/triangle"?)
characters. Since she's drawn to Damon Kasshu, which puts her at odds with
Rain Nakamura -- the Relena Peacecraft analog, since she's Domon's soulmate
-- that makes it hard to match. If we go with personality and appearance,
I'd say the best match is Hilde Schbeiker.


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