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At 08:29 PM 9/4/99 , James Boren wrote:
>Then there are the bottem of the rung test pilots who fly the planes
>after they roll off the productions lines to make sure they work. I read
>article from a guy who was a test pilot at Grumman during WWII. He had
>put the hellcats through their paces to sort out any problems.Although
>this point, the plane's design would have already been set, the job was
>just as dangerous as any other test pilot's considering these planes
>being rushed through production by cheap labor.
>Worker: Whoops, I guess I hooked up the control cables backwards. Sorry
>about that.
>Test pilot in full body cast: Why you...!!!!

Sort of remind me of Chuck Yeager's autobiography. Chuck was called up
to test the envelope of a plane that have already claimed the life of 2
other test pilots. During the test run, Chuck nearly bought the farm as
well, but managed to pull in safely. Afterward, when he describe the
problem to the engineers, they figured out that there was a particuliar
bolt that had to be mounted in a very non-standard way. The guy at the
assembly line decided that the blue print was wrong, and did it his way,
and kill off 2 highly skilled Air Force test pilots.

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