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>>> In the hobby japan this month, I also saw the MG Gelgoog Gato's version and
>>> MG red gundam is also being made, so many MGs !
>>What is the red Gundam and what does it look like?
>It's just a RX-78 Gundam in Char's color scheme. It was a "what if" suit
>from the Giren's Greed game. Bandai had it in their 1999 catalog, I thought
>they were just using a repainted MG kit to advertise the game, can't believe
>they actually went ahead and recycled the mold again.

What is the story behind this "what if". Is it that Char decides to go the
Sayla Mass route and fight with the Federation from the beginning (and
nudge Amuro out of the picture), or is it a "what if" Char had succeeded in
capturing the Gundam at Side 7 and is using it against the Feds. (Though I
doubt Char would have been allowed to keep the pride of Fed R&D to


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