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>>Now, what does the Sentai team have to with Gundam? I'm sure most of you
>>are thinking Gundam Wing, which is a variant of Sentai Genre, the one of
>>Saint Seiya. Sure, there is no said "team" but you have your leader/hero,
>>your renegade/bad-ass, your effeminate guy (replacing your token girl), and
>>so fourth.
> If you're gonna compare Gundam to sentai and Voltron,
> I'd say G Gundam would make a better comparison than
> GW. You have Domon as the leader guy, Chibodee as the
> renegade, Sai as the token kid, George as the bishonen
> replacing the token girl, and Argo as your typical big
> strong guy. Well, what do you think?
>Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

The Sentai formula is evident in the original Gundam as well.

Leader- Amuro
Big guy- Ryu
Kid- Hayato
Renegade- Kai
The Girl- Sayla

you don't notice this in the series because the characters are allowed to
act against the stereotype and come alive. The formula fits, but the White
Base crew are worlds apart from the Gatchaman or Voltron characters.


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