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Last weekend was the annual Anime Convention (combined with the comic/sci-fi
convention) here in Toronto. And man was it gooooood!

The voice actor for Minmay (sp?) was there as one of the main guest speakers.
Bandai Entertainment and PlayStation were representing. Animes that made
there premieres here included the Nadesico Movie (It ROCKED! I was rollin’ in
the isles in laughter even though it wasn’t subbed or translated at all. Is
this series released in North America yet?). The new Bubble Gum Crisis OVA
(they where OK. I wish they stayed with original time line as opposed to
starting of new) and finally the first eps. of Brain Powered (Wellllll they
kinda sucked). Their was some really good retailers at the convention
especially surprisingly some from here in Toronto.

My spending spree included the rebuying of all the Macross Plus Videos (never
lend really good anime to friends; “What do ya mean?!... I gave those back to
you a LONG time ago”). Both Patlabor Box sets (I love bartering at Cons, I
got both for $160 CDN). The latest Bubble Gum Crisis OVA video.

Manga and mags included the Eng versions of Five Star Stories and Gundam Blue
destiny (both really good), Gundam Weapons for the MKII and several other
Gundam and Eva Art books. The latest 1999 Bandai Catalog. As well I just
discovered this new hobby Magazine from Japan called just that “Hobby
Magazine”, picked up issues 7-9. Very good! LOTS more mecha, esp Gundam and
lots of tips and hints. Any one else heard about it? I highly recommend it.

Toys and Models included the Invid Fighter and Battle pod form the “Robotech”
toys line (still looking for the transformable Valk, the hover tank and the
Glaug). Finally found the the Eva-00 Sega toy (have Evas 01, 00 {blue}, 02,
03, 05, the Stachtel and the 5th angel). A Megaman action figure, the
Irregular Hunter Zero, to ad to my ever expanding collection. Finally on the
Gundam end of things I picked up the SD Z-Gundam from the “Generation Zero”
line (they’re so cute!). Got a SWEEET DEAL on that 1/100 full action RX-78-2
B-Club resin kit (managed to work them down from $160 to $130 cdn). Last but
not least those “One Year War” action figures. They included the RX-78,
Char’s Zaku II and 2 of the normal “grunt” Zaks (ya need at least 2!!!);
surprisingly I also managed to find the Gouf AND the Dom!!!! I didn’t even
know they were released! All in all very nice detailing especially in the
feet and lots of accessories for all figures. Mobility and articulation are
some what ok in spite of their scale. Regular price at the Con for all 6
figures would have been $30 cdn each. But with bit of haggling and persitance
it got them all for $150! Yeahhhhhhh...! The only real complaint I have about
them is the use of that soft poly vinyl stuff. It makes the figures seem
cheap. I wish they used the same harder plastics used on the “MS Pocket”
action figures released about 4 years ago for the V-Gundam series. Now those
where NICE toys! Has anyone else on the ML picked these babies up?

To conclude if your REALLY a fan of Gundam and money isn’t that much of an
issue pick these things up! Well worth the price, and they look sooooo cool
displayed on top of your 21” computer screen. And on a final note when it
comes to Cons, BUY IN BULK!!! You’ll get a better deal.

A much poorer but much HAPPIER mecha geek

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