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I love the Aggai as well. Amphibious Mobile Suits always seem to get neglected.


>--- Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com> wrote:
>> ...the HG-UC line was created for the mobile suits
>> that Bandai Hobby realized they'd never get around
>> to doing Master Grades of. So, by definition,
>> anything that gets made as an HG-UC is something
>> they'd decided not to do as an MG kit anyway. I can
>> still hope for the Acguy! :-)
>So do I, and "The 08th MS Team" offers a pretty good
>excuse to re-release it (08 design, pls), but
>Aggai/Acguy is seriously lacking of gimmicks, just a
>retractable claw set, and/or some missile samples for
>its rocket launcher hand. As much as you and I & many
>others would like, the chance is slim for 08 HGs or
>HGUC for Aggai, but pretty good for the less expensive
>FG, or "Mobile Suit In Action" vinyl toy series.
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