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first of all, I'd like to thank my friend alex for helping me acquire these
two lovelies for me. Wytago Alex! as soon as hygog and zogock come in, I
shall get you your beloved GXX/gfalcon and deathscythe Phil.edition.

hokay, so here goes:

1) Gyan

this baby is a simple design, with not very many parts -- despite the
largish box, there are only a few parts, mostly halves of arms, legs and
body...what is impressive is that the colors are almost the same, if not
the same as in the animation. minimal painting required, if any.

hokay, onto the nitty gritty.

this thing once again affirms my suspicion that people over at bandai have
been thinking of MG-izing some of the weirder designs. Why? there are
internal details in the chest area that normally will never be seen unless
you remove the chest plate cover. the detail is in the shoulder
rods...flanged internal parts. also, the shoulder joint has a pice on the
inside of the large ball-shoulders so that one will not see the polycap.
very subtle, but it adds to the overall effect. the forearms seem to have
been modeled after the 08th goufs, but the hands are a new design. there
are two right hands, one which is in a position which would look like a gun
grip, but is now used as a forward-cant sword grip. the other hand is
almost the same, except that the whole hand is angled outward, so that one
can position the sword in a more natural fencing/stabbing position. once
again, subtle but effective. the head isn't as narrow as what we saw in
the shizuoka show, and is very poseable. as usual, the mono-eye is a
sticker, but what the hey, if one wants to make a monoeye modification, I
think the design can take that into account. The waist skirt moves
slightly from side to side, but is negligible in effect, to tell the truth.
 the hip joints are a separate pice from the skirt system, which is a
throwback to the old kit designs (the skirt is attached by old style
grooved disc to the lower abdomen, while the hip/groin area is attached to
a polycap located in the lower abdomen...both structures are independent of
one another). the legs are very poseable, but the ankles are a bit stiff,
so it's just as well that the feet are designed to be stable even on
off-tangent positions. the backpack is a simple affair, much like the
Guncannon's in design.

The interesting part is the shield itself. the shield is attached to the
arm via a forearm clip which terminates in a handhold -- very tight and
stable really. there is a simple lever-rod that is attached by polycap to
the shield, which allows the shield to have these positions:
lock-down.normal, where the shield is positioned high and parallel to the
arm, down position, where most of the shield is low to the arm, and frontal
positions, where the shield swings forward and perpendicular to the arm.
there are other various positions one can take, due to the flexibility of
the design. one drawback is that the shield is heavy, and so the polycap
sometimes cannot maintain the position of the shield (depending on how it
is situated).

All in all, it is a worthy kit to get, for it is a nice mix of a retro
design with modern kit technology.

2) ZakuIII

this guy is BIG. we are talking here it's about as tall as the 1/144
Gerbera Tetra (not including head spike), or about almost as tall as an F90
1/100. it uses a different polycap set from the EW 1/144 uses
set 111, which is used by 1/100 kits -- am not sure if this is the GW, GG,
EW or GX 1/100 polycap set. This kit feels like an old kit -- in the sense
that the way it is assembled heavily reminds me of the older kits I used to
do. it has some features drawn from the old zakuIII kit, like the mid
abdomen hinge so that it can lean its chest forward or back. the right
shoulder armor has internal detail --- three grenades, two sabers, and is
attached by polycap; the upper t-branch of the plate is also hinged by
polycap. the left spiked shoulder is attached by a polycap normally used
for the 1/100 elbows (attached to a 45-degree rod from the shoulder). the
upper arms are of one piece, and it uses the 1/100 wrist polycaps for the
wrists (of course, LOL!). the shoulder connection is quite old style, too,
but not the classic idea where the rod is connected to the shoulder. there
is an internal hexagonal mound for the shoulder rods, thus giving it more
realism when you can see the shoulder connection. it's waist is very
mobile, thanks to the two polycaps (one in waist, other in chest). it has
a bad case of thundder thighs, though, and uses a double-joint knee. the
feet are LARGE. we are talking here probably as large as the classic
zakuIII kit., and yes, it does have those weird swing-out heel pieces --
which serve well to balance it in more awkward positions. the conducting
cables are solid, not rubber (boo...). it is not as massive looking, nor
as squat as the original zakuIII, but it is definitely more zaku looking
than the original kit. there are internal details for the skirt and the
skirt-guns, and it comes with four hands -- two fist/saber (yes it has a
saber) hands, and two gun (l&r). the fuelpods in the back are attached by
polycap, as well as the two main engine exhausts, which gives the kit a
vague 0080 gelgoog jeager feel when you see it from the back (coupled with
the long backskirt and the wide skirted legs). interesting internal
details: the vector thrusters are connected to the body by using another
piece, which has cables all over it, thus giving a realistic look to the
nozzle/thrusters. another thing, the wrist is angled like the wrists of
the gp03 1/144 kit, but the fists have long stick/ball attachments, so no
fear of having the same problem as the Jagd Doga. the colors are very
zakuish, green and what is supposed to look like gunmetal and dark grey.
the head looks like it has enough space for monoeye bashing. my only
complaint is that the original rifle had a bayonet to go with it...the new
one doesn't. at least the rifle and the saber look proportional, not like
the old kit, which shares the same rifle as the r-jarja, and looks puny
when in the zakuIII's hands. it looks very Germanic.

all in all a very nice kit, but this baby looks like it was a
construction/detail upgrade of the old kit -- which makes it kinda deja vu
for me. I think too, that this could have been considered as an MG, but
face facts, it is WAY too BIG, probably along the height of the 1/100 Nu if
it ever made it as an MG -- and twice as massive.. but it has a lot of
MG-like details, like the inside of the backskirt.

better get it, people.

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