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> They are right across the street from my place...their prices are not as
> good as HLJ but with the low dollar exchange on the US side you guys might
> find a few bargains. I think their website is US$ based so there shouldn't
> be too much conversion problems. Their stock varies though, but they are
> quite fast at getting new releases. New releases tend to be a bit more
> expensive because they use a faster shipping method to get the kits here
> very shortly after the release date. After the release, they get a
> slow-ordered shipment (probably by sea) which usually knocks 20% off the
> price if you are willing to wait.
> -- Ben.

Thanks for the info, Ben. That's one reason I posted it, because I had a
feeling a list member from Canada would comment on HobbyPlus. There web site
is very well done. So, they are reliable to order from, then? I'll have to
try them one time. When I have the extra cash to spend, it ends up going to
the new MicroMan toys and Gundam, I have tried only collecting Gundam, but
the pull is too great with all the new Japanese toys coming out :). The
Kayiodo EVA mecha figures, new MicroMan, the Kayiodo Votoms, etc. Sigh... Too
many toys and not enough money, Japanese toy's are so cool! :)


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