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> It was on at 6:00, just like every other morning. Todays episode had a
> division pinned down and another troop had to rescue them. But the rescue
> group was attacked by flying bugs.
> Casey

That's werid, because that's they epsiode they showed Wednesday, and today,
Friday they showed Rambo and no Starship Troopers, but ST was shown this past
Thursday. Starship Troppers comes on Sci-Fi channel at 7:30 AM EST where I
live. What channel did you watch Starship Troopers. Is you episode your are
talking about where they have to capture a plasma bug and they are attacked
at the bridige by the flying bugs? BTW, in one epsisode, they show very human
like bugs. Does anyone know what this BKN is and do they have a web site.
Because when ST goes to commerical, they have this Bull Dog, with a Generals
look about him, that says "Back to BKN" and "BKN will be right back". I'm
totally confused about the ST schedule, because there's supposed to be 40
episodes of ST, so you'd assume they would show all 40 episodes each week day
and then rerun the 40 episodes a couple of times.


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