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<< The 1/144th Nu Gundam is systerm injection isn't it? Also, is the Re-GZ a
 good kit? Basically, how good are all the 1/144 Char's Counter Attack kits?
 Is there any that's totally horriable?
There are plusses and minuses to the CCA Series. They were the first snap
tite models. They require a lot more painting then more recent models.
Basically, none of them look great out of the box. The issues that stick out
in my mind right now are the following:

1. The Jagd Doga wrists make the fists always pointing in towards the body.
Basically you can never, without major modifying, get the Jagd Doga to be
able to point a gun straight out at a target.

2. The elbows of the Jegan are goofy too. They never let you move the fore
arms forward without just moving the whole arm forewards.

3. The Sazabi always seemed a bit disproportioned.

To be blunt they are ok for their time, but the only model from the whole
series that is on par with modern kits is the 1/100


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