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> Considering how much better the turnA looked in reality than in the art, I
> expect the TurnX to also look much better. It looks like a heavy
> armor/attack version of the TurnA, doesn't it? All in all, I can't wait to
> get my hands on it. I've grown to love the turnA, and I think this will be
> no exception.

It's right arm looks like it has a sheild/machine gun combo. There looks like
its carrying two or three weapons on its backs. Wonder if the eyes are
yellow? It appears that the Turn X is only black and white. Yep, I have also
grown to like the TurnA as well. I was thinking, couldn't the x in Turn X
mean, multiply? In the context that the Turn X is more powerfull then the
Turn A, if it's the mid show upgrade/replacement Gundam.


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