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>>> Although we only see the heat hawk and 120mm
>>> rifle, Burke Rukes lists a 280mm bazooka and two
>>> triple-missile launchers as optional equipment.
>>> (Per HJ, I presume?)
>> Hmm... would be nice to see if Aina test-piloted
>> the RD4 w/ Dom's giant bazooka instead of the Zaku
>> machine gun, since she was gathering combat data
>> anyway, testing the giant bazooka would be
>> beneficial for the soon to be Rick Dom...
> But I thought the whole point of the data gathering
> is to test out the retrofit Dom leg and skirt rocket

> engine for space use, not the weapon. Thus, it got
> stucked with Zaku machine gun.

True enough, but how does the Zeons know the
effectiveness of the new leg thrusters if they don't
test it with Dom's giant bazooka, a regular weapon in
which we came to associate with Dom and Rick Dom way
back in "0079"? I know this is retcon to show Rick
Dom's origin, but I like to see that in a more
coherent way, not just a hasty one with a Zaku machine
gun and lost all combat data in the 1st combat

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