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> ...the HG-UC line was created for the mobile suits
> that Bandai Hobby realized they'd never get around
> to doing Master Grades of. So, by definition,
> anything that gets made as an HG-UC is something
> they'd decided not to do as an MG kit anyway. I can
> still hope for the Acguy! :-)

So do I, and "The 08th MS Team" offers a pretty good
excuse to re-release it (08 design, pls), but
Aggai/Acguy is seriously lacking of gimmicks, just a
retractable claw set, and/or some missile samples for
its rocket launcher hand. As much as you and I & many
others would like, the chance is slim for 08 HGs or
HGUC for Aggai, but pretty good for the less expensive
FG, or "Mobile Suit In Action" vinyl toy series.

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