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>> At 06:14 9/2/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>> Sorry. I meant to say 'the 1:144 LM model of 08's
>> Ball has a kitbash Dom Zaku in the background and
>> looks great'
> The correct nomenclature is MS-06RD-4 Zaku II Test
> Type. It was piloted by Aina Sakhalin in the first
> episode and never seen again.

I knew that, Dafydd, and both name is included on my
RD4 webpage. The name Dom Zaku may sounds 'street',
but it more or less describes the MS in a right
direction. If some ppl call it by the full name, or
RD4, or Dom Zaku (vice cersa), I don't mind, 'cos we
know what we are referring to, with the official name
to clear up the issue anytime we like. Thanks for
pointing this out :)

> They did a model for Hobby Japan, though, which is
> probably what they used for the LM RB-79K Ball model

> cover illustration. It woould've made a nice
> to the model series, too.

I am a late comer to HJ & Mediaworks, but I realize
superb modellers like Max Watanabe or Mokoto (sic?)
Kobayashi always create eye-popping kitbash for this
mags & I think Bandai use their excellent work to tool
their future releases, such as the upcoming 08's GM
Sniper, which was featured on 10/98 of HJ ("The 08th
MS Team: Climax Report 2") If GM Sniper (w/ the 1:1200
Apsaras III) got released, then the "Dom Zaku" (sorry,
Dafydd, I can't help it) remains a possibility. Could
the Zaku Cannon (on MSV features of 10/99's DH) and
Zaku Tank be too far behind? I wonder...

> Although we only see the heat hawk and 120mm rifle,
> Burke Rukes lists a 280mm bazooka and two triple-
> missile launchers as optional equipment. (Per HJ, I
> presume?)

Hmm... would be nice to see if Aina test-piloted the
RD4 w/ Dom's giant bazooka instead of the Zaku machine
gun, since she was gathering combat data anyway,
testing the giant bazooka would be beneficial for the
soon to be Rick Dom...

> We always seem to miss out on some cool MS or
> another when it comes to the plastic model kits.
> I'd've really liked the RX-77D Guncannon Production
> Type from Gundam 0080....

SO is 0080's GM Sniper II, althought it has a 1:220
resin kit w/ a custom sniper rifle. Should GC ever
fires a shot or face the audience in the OVA before it
was toasted, it would have been one of the 0080 model
series already...

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