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>Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman, on the other hand, had witnessed the Gundam's
>entire bag of tricks in action. The Chobham armor was no longer a factor
>and Bernie made certain that the 90mm Gatling would be depleted before he
>engaged. He then made sure by attacking the Gatling pods directly.

        Actually, he attacked one of the pods directly (the one Chris used
on him). He should have no idea whether the other arm is empty, which is a
weak point in the story IMO.

        Perhaps one thing we overlook is Bernie's attitude towards the
confrontation. In his mind, he *cannot* fail, since his failure would cause
the colony to get nuked. As such, he pushed himself more, and gambled more
heavily. Chris OTOH, was fighting to protect the colony from a lone Zaku.
She didn't have the do-or-die attitude that Bernie had at the time, and she
got suckered accordingly.

>That still left the Gundam's original weaponry, the 60mm Vulcans and the
>beam sabers, with which to contend. I don't recall the Vulcans being used,

        IIRC, the Vulcans were used to puncture Bernie's balloon surprises,
but never against Bernie directly. I can't tell whether she ran out of
rounds for them, or, as she wasn't a combat pilot, she just plain forgot
them. In all fairness, she was a bit preoccupied with a heat-hawk wielding
manic at that time. (^_^)

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