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>> of. So, by definition, anything that gets made as an HG-UC is something
>> they'd decided not to do as an MG kit anyway. I can still hope for the
>> Acguy! :-)
>Wow, NEVER is a heavy word, especially for a commerical outfit. It's like
>Ty saying "Never another Beanie Baby" Yeah right!
>Seriously, never a MG Gann or Zaku III Kai or Zugock, sure. But never a
>MG Guncannon or Type 100? Maybe they will directly skip over to PG Type
>100 for the 25th Anniversary? :)
>CHIN, Chien Ting

hmmmm. I would agree on those kits, but I'm getting a sneaking feeling
that they are using the HGUC line to product test some designs to see if
people might bite for MG versions...kinda like a dumpline for all trhe nice
designs that aren't famous, and so on and so forth...

just an idea, mind you.

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