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>Let me strart by saying, my comments are my actually feelings about the
>Turn-X with NO sarcasm.
>Yes! I love the new Turn-X. My reaction is, Wow!!, What an awesome looking
>robot!!. Is this an upgrade to the Turn A or a new Gundam? I really, really,
>like that design. The white and black color scheme is very cool. It
>require painting in kit form, since its basically only two colors. Can't
>to see what makes it different, other then looks, from the Turn A.

Considering how much better the turnA looked in reality than in the art, I
expect the TurnX to also look much better. It looks like a heavy
armor/attack version of the TurnA, doesn't it? All in all, I can't wait to
get my hands on it. I've grown to love the turnA, and I think this will be
no exception.

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