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Chien Ting Chin wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Sep 1999 wrote:
> > what about trees and water? I've never made a diorama, but the idea appeals
> In the hobby shops here, you can buy 3 little imported German trees for
> trains for the same price of an HG kit. If you can put up with low
> fidelity trees, try getting some very coarse speak foam or scrubbing pads
> and glue (use white glue) them onto metal wires. Spray paint the foam
> green. To make tree trunks, wrap brown decorative paper around the wire.
> You can plant a whole forest for next to nothing.
> Water is tough. If you don't need a big area, take the lid of a CD case
> and spray paint it transparent blue? Hmmm probably too small.
> I was thinking about making paper buildings using computer, but I was too
> lazy to design them myself.
> > diorama to put my battle scared mecha in :). I was thinking of the new Turn A
> > Kapool impaling a Flat (wicked grin).
> Flat vs Kapool, hmmm now that's an odd pair of dancers. :)
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> Man is a bubble

Old Model Railroader's trick for water. Clear Epoxy Resin, in large
enough amounts to provide a small, but noticable body of water. For
underwater scenes, though, this won't work. Then you should try tricks
with the lighting, using cellophane or crinkled blue theatrical gels
over the light source to achieve the illusion of sunlight through the
surface of the water. Needless to say, a underwater scene should
probably have it's own built in light source.

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