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On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Mark Simmons wrote:
> It can recreate the famous "Piercing a GM" pose, as seen in the Jaburo
> attack in the original series. You're also promised perfect color

Nice, but I wouldn't call it an impressive feature.

> Too bad it's not in the same 1/550 scale as the older mobile armor
> kits... but I guess it would be kinda huge.

But you can create alternate history by posing it with White Base, Gau,
and Musai. You can also borrow Zakus and Dopps from the Gau kit and the
(terribly scuplted) Guntank from the White Base. It's at least compatible
to _something_, unlike the 1/330 scale of the resin Asparas.

> and 40 meters wide, with the Apsaras III being the same height and about
> 120 meters wide. Throw in the stilt legs, and it's easily a couple
> hundred meters tall.

A cool 10 cm wide. Nice! I like the A3, but the stilt legs bug me. Why
would you put the M-craft systems way out there on the "knees" of
chopstick legs? Oh whatever!

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