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Check that site out, get a free monthly catalog from them. They have plenty
of good stuff and great books to help you out.
You can also check with
This is a magazine that I pick up on occasion. Lots of tips on diorama.
As for the 1/144 Nu, It is great for smaller projects. And the price is not
Gus Jae
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Subject: [gundam] 1/144 Nu Gundam w/ Fannel kit, any good? And battle scene

> I can't buy it right now, but is this kit any good? I know there's the
> 1/100 scale Nu Gundam, but I want 1/144's to make a battle scene, since
> cost little, and the size is just right for battle scenes. Also, any tips
> how to make terrain like rocks, trees, asteroids, etc. I want to try a
> scene and a ground scene. I was think of papermache for rocks and stuff,
> what about trees and water? I've never made a diorama, but the idea
> to me a lot. I am getting where I want to try making battle damage, and a
> diorama to put my battle scared mecha in :). I was thinking of the new
Turn A
> Kapool impaling a Flat (wicked grin).
> Aaron
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