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> I can't buy it right now, but is this kit any good? I know there's the
> 1/100 scale Nu Gundam, but I want 1/144's to make a battle scene, since
> cost little, and the size is just right for battle scenes. Also, any tips
> how to make terrain like rocks, trees, asteroids, etc. I want to try a
> scene and a ground scene. I was think of papermache for rocks and stuff,
> what about trees and water? I've never made a diorama, but the idea
> to me a lot. I am getting where I want to try making battle damage, and a
> diorama to put my battle scared mecha in :). I was thinking of the new
> A
> Kapool impaling a Flat (wicked grin).

Check out the hobby of model train building. There are books, videos, and
actual stores out there that will teach you everything you ever wanted to
know about terrain building to scale.


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