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On Thu, 2 Sep 1999, Chien Ting Chin wrote:
> - 08MST GM Sniper, ...
> What a nice touch to include the 1/1200 Apsaras
> III! But darn, wouldn't it be nice if they had done the Gundam vs.
> Apsaras combo kit instead of Gundam vs. Zaku II combo?

I should explaint myself better. In the OVA, the (one and only) GM
Sniper... well... without spoiling the story too much... had a major
tussle with the A3. So I thought it was a nice touch to include the MA.

So for symmetry's sake, it would have been nice to have the RX-79[G]
matched up with the original Apsaras to reflect another key scene in the
story. And in hindsight, the Zaku II got duplicated in a stand-alone kit
anyway. Oh well it's just a what-if pipedream :)

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