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Holy cow!!! What a site! (I will go nuts over the new release later)
You get future releases of Bandai, Tamiya, Wave and everyone else. In the
catalogue, you can get (for most kits) the box art, a picture of the box
content (mostly you can see one runner in the plastic bag, and perhaps a
glimpse of the runners underneath; not a whole lot, but sometimes
revealing), size of box, a little story behind the MS, and the MS spec and
armament. The coverage on older kits (esp. MSV) is very good, something
of a deficiency on HLJ.

Err... Yeah, you need to know a bit of hirakana/katakana and/or Chinese to
get a round. But, never too late to learn!

On the new releases (in order of excitment):
- HG Zugock! I am a happy man! I can read "colour... accurate...
  realized" at the bottom, but what else? Some special pose?

- 08MST GM Sniper, so the one single pic from that hobby show (way back
  when) was prophetic. What a nice touch to include the 1/1200 Apsaras
  III! But darn, wouldn't it be nice if they had done the Gundam vs.
  Apsaras combo kit instead of Gundam vs. Zaku II combo? Oh btw, how big
  is the A3? Guestimating from Burke's pic, it could be over 9cm wide!
  What a deal for only 1000 Yens! I vaguely read "sideway (firing???)
  specialized hands provided".

- HG Type 100! It's chrome! To be expected, but it's a relief to
  actually confirm. Funny they found it necessary to explain
  Quattro = Char...

- MG GMs, look nice. I like the Titans colours, but the bright yellow and
  red again... Hmmm

Oh well, if I start saving my money, I can probably afford the HG kits by
the time they roll around... Then I will never get to start collecting MG

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