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Hm... interesting sneak peek at the upcoming kits. The First Grade Char's
Zaku should be interesting (but why not just recolor the HG Zaku from the
08th MS Team series?), and the HG-UC Zugok will be a treat. I suspect the
GM Custom and Quell are mockups or earlier garage kits, rather than the
actual MG versions...

Eddie writes,

>Although the MG Alex looks good, the 1/144 version looked better when the
>armor is on.

  Can't say I agree. The 1/144 version was just so squat... The main
changes I can see here are that Katoki expanded the armor to make room
for the Alex's elbow guards, raised the ankle line nicely, and (as per
the October Hobby japan) all the armor plates open up. Cool!

>Hmm, that funky thing the RickDom is carrying - is it the beam bazooka?
>I don't recall seeing it in any Gundam series.

  It's used by Char in the Gundam novels, and his red Rick Dom carries it
in the recent Giren's Greed and Char's Counterattack games.

>COOL!!!! A HGUC Zugock! But there goes my hope for a MG Zugock <SOB>.

  True, but then again, the HG-UC line was created for the mobile suits
that Bandai Hobby realized they'd never get around to doing Master Grades
of. So, by definition, anything that gets made as an HG-UC is something
they'd decided not to do as an MG kit anyway. I can still hope for the
Acguy! :-)

-- Mark

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