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>>I only looked the Chogokin over for a few minutes the day it arrived
>>(Monday) and then packed up with the rest of my Gundam stuff, which we'll
>>be shipping to Portland when we move there next month.
>Given your collection, I shudder to think about the move. I've just
>moved 2 days ago and am still trying to recover from it.

We've been packing for two weeks now, which is why anything that comes in
the door goes into a box almost immediately. They probably won't get
unpacked until next year, as we're moving in with some friends temporarily
until we work out the details of the deal on the house that we're buying.

>>The Full Weapon
>>Set, which is now also packed away, had two hyper bazookas: one white and
>>gray, one all-gray.
>Hmm, I wonder why the distinction. Where did you get your SD toy, and how
>much did it run you?

Anime Palace, for $19.95 plus shipping. It's item #75754.


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