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Yay Mark's back...

> >Just so. All of the Federation MS except the Ball were armored with lunar
> >titanium, including the GM.
> Nope, not true.

Thank you...

> As for the GM-versus-Zeon matchup, shame on all you Zeon-boosters who
> equated the GM to a mere Zaku. Judging from the animation, the GM is
> evenly matched against the Rick Dom, giving as good as it gets in
> one-on-one skirmishes. Its ranged weaponry is inferior, but it's more
> agile, and when it gets within beam saber range it's goodbye Rick Dom.

I still say a Dom has more tricks up its sleeve, GMs lose... if
they aren't very careful... I have played a sneaky GM pilot to
so its really up to the pilot. I still think the Dom's extra thickness
of armor makes it more surviveable though.

> The numerically inclined might like to consider generator and thruster
> output as a rough indicator of mobile suit quality. The GM's 1250
> kilowatts of power and 55,500 kilograms of thrust place it just a hair
> above the original Rick Dom (1199 kW, 53,000 kg), roughly on a par with
> the Rick Dom II, and a step behind the Gelgoog. Looking at Gundam as a
> whole, power output in particular seems to be a reliable indicator of
> general performance and technological advancement.

Actually the only study of kW output I ever did put Zeon MS
performance on par with Fed MS of much higher power kW
because they didn't have beam weapons, all they are going
to push around is the mass of the suit, and projectile weaps.
Examples being that a GM, and Zaku have similar profiles &
performance with the Zaku using way less generator output.
The Output comes back in line once the Zeon begins making
Gelgoogs, and the Feds start upgunning their GMs in 0080
and 0083. By then the GMs with 2 beam sabers have more
kW output to accomodate for the extra drain on the unit. Of
course if you subscribe to the 'tapping the main power' supply
school of thought they could carry ten beam sabers and only
use one at once. If you are a recharge now, and don't drain
the power supply when in actual use school, then two is bout
right for the higher outputs.

> True, there are few known GM aces (South Burning and Terry Sanders Jr.
> being about the only ones I can think of). I'd blame the late appearance
> of the GM, and the narrative focus on the White Base crew, for this

What about Yu? The Blue Destiny jock, he's gotta be an Ace
by now...

> -- Mark


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