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> Well the GP-03D isn't really an MS, as the MS inside I'd give even
> odds against the Zeta itself, and in full platform, maybe only pilots
> like The "O" with Sirocco piloting, or Psycho Gundam, or something

    I didn't say GP03D was ever considered a regular MS - like I said below,
I consider it in the same class as Psycho Gundams.

> like that. But Zeta took on the Psycho Gundam and couldn't dent it
> either. The presence of the I-Field Generator doesn't help though.

    Actually, Zeta only fight against Psycho Gundam Mk-II (Camille didn't
want to fight Four when he saw her again after he got Zeta), and it seems
that Psycho Gundam Mk-II in Zeta is not really complete, since beam rifle
shot can shot through (Camille shot its head), which suggests that the
I-Field generator is not complete or is not working. I know that most MS
cannot fight those huge MS (I would call it MA), but what about the MA's
ability to kill regular MS? GP03D certain don't have trouble, as do Nuel
Ziel. But both Psycho Gundams don't seems to be as over powering as GP03D,
where it seems that it can take on a whole army and won at times....

> There are machines from Zeta that could take on 0083's nasties
> and the beam weapons from Zeta should rip the 0083 to shreds,
> but you never know. Hell the Alex should be able to rip GP-01 to

    I am not saying the armors are more powerful or anything, but it just
seems the MS that appear in 0083 are more "complete" - much better overall
than the ones that appear in Zeta or even ZZ. Everybody knows that regular
MS would be destroy by one or two beam rifle shot.

> shreds too, but like the Nue Zeil where do you find pilots ready
> for such a machine. And about the Alex having weaknesses, if

    Like I said, even in Zeta, those big MS and MA don't appear all the
time. It's just that since those MS and MA in 0083 is supposed to appear
before Zeta, their technology level and stuff should be worse than the ones
that appear in Zeta. Although they have an excuse for the GP project (the
records were destroyed), but what about Nuel Ziel?

> Chris had been better with her beam saber, the Zaku would be
> toast, yes I know that's how Bernie got it, but really, he wanted a

    Actually, Bernie beat Chris because she waste all her ammo (and she got
careless enough to let Bernie hack it off her MS). Everybody knows that
fighting close range is not a very good idea (in UC timeline anyway. Other
than the "big fights" near the end of the series, how often did you see
regular pilots used their beam saber to kill enemies, unless they ran out of
ammo or something? Not a lot, as they always fight in long range), even most
veterans cannot guarantee they can stay alive all the time.

> fight that was close up, he got it. The Beam Rifle (FN-FAL clone)
> never got finished to my knowledge, but I'd like to think that if it
> had the Zeta would have been built with Gatling Guns, that's all
> the Alex really was. It was a Zeta clone with Gatlings, and a full
> armor suit.

    But you are missing the point - even if they had the beam rifle for
Alex, Chris won't use it - they are in a colony, for crying out loud! Firing
beam rifle in a colony would certain punch holes all over. And Alex has
another weakness - it offers nothing new, except that it's faster than
normal MS, so unless it's piloted by an ACE pilot, it won't offer too much
advantage toward most enemies.

Edmund Chiu

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