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>But the MK II is really crap anyway... It was always getting
>its butt kicked by everything else in the series. Basically
>you had a PLOT character in it, or you didn't same as any
>Gundam. The thing about OVAs is you can have Test pilots
>"Chris" defeat an Ace special forces pilot one day, and
>lose everything to a determined Rookie "Bernie" the next.

Let's be fair about this one. Mikhail "Mischa" Kaminsky was indeed a
veteran Cyclops Team commando, but he was also a tippler and was certainly
overconfident when he attacked the Gundam. He was also done in by two
unexpected new weapons: the Chobham armor, which defeated his
supposedly-unbeatable chain mine, and the 90mm Gatling, which took him out

Bernard "Bernie" Wiseman, on the other hand, had witnessed the Gundam's
entire bag of tricks in action. The Chobham armor was no longer a factor
and Bernie made certain that the 90mm Gatling would be depleted before he
engaged. He then made sure by attacking the Gatling pods directly.

That still left the Gundam's original weaponry, the 60mm Vulcans and the
beam sabers, with which to contend. I don't recall the Vulcans being used,

Come to think of it, Amuro took out the two Zaku in the initial engagement
in a snimilar combination of surprises and overconfidence. Jean, like
Mischa, was too dismissive of the enemy and was taken out by a sucker punch
with the beam saber.


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