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>Sorry. I meant to say 'the 1:144 LM model of 08's Ball
>has a kitbash Dom Zaku in the background and it looks

The correct nomenclature is MS-06RD-4 Zaku II Test Type.

It was piloted by Aina Sakhalin in the first episode and never seen again.
They did a model for Hobby Japan, though, which is probably what they used
for the LM RB-79K Ball model cover illustration.

It woould've made a nice addition to the model series, too. Although we
only see the heat hawk and 120mm rifle, Burke Rukes lists a 280mm bazooka
and two triple-missile launchers as optional equipment. (Per HJ, I presume?)

We always seem to miss out on some cool MS or another when it comes to the
plastic model kits. I'd've really liked the RX-77D Guncannon Production
Type from Gundam 0080....


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