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I seem to be channeling former Gundam Mailing List heavyweights. First,
Mark Simmons; now, Kota Fujimura ... can Probe be far behind? (^_^);;

>From: "Kota Fujimura" <fujimura@wsp.yrp.nttdocomo.co.jp>
>To: <Z@Gundam.com>
>Subject: New info on kits and Turn-X Gundam
>Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 21:43:01 +0900
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>Hey -Z-,
>I hope you don't mind passing the following URL to GML, since I still
>haven't signed up yet.
>If this site is what it really claims to be, these are the next MGs, HGs, HG
>UCs, FGs, and 1/144s.
>I want to call a special attention on this one:
>This is supposed to be "Turn-X", designed by Syd Meade. Boy, I can hear the
>people screaming again...

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